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Ahorrando para un Bebé

Saving for a Baby

A baby changes everything - including the money in your pocket. Before you write another check, take a look at these tips for practical money-saving advice www.takechargeamerica.com

Create a baby budget: adding up the costs that will arrive the moment your baby does. Consider the following categories:

Healthcare: co-pay or deductible; you may have to pay your deductible after your pregnancy procedure and also, you will visit your pediatrician for check-ups numerous times in the first few months, set aside extra money just in case you need it - even if you have good insurance.

Childcare: Daycare costs can easily exceed $1,000 a month, so be sure to budget for this hefty expense.

Baby Needs: Estimate the costs of everyday items like, formula, baby food, vitamins, shampoo, baby oil and diapers also things like diaper bag, baby chair and car seat among others.

Maternity leave: Many working moms get six weeks or more of maternity leave make sure you plan your time off with accuracy. If money is a concern, begin setting aside extra cash as early as possible to ease the financial burden of maternity leave.

Brands: Be careful not to stock up on too many items of the same brand - like bottles, binkies and formula - until you're sure your baby likes them. Look for specials at the store.

Newborn Gear: don't buy many "newborn" outfits or diapers your baby will outgrow them within a few weeks.

Choose "Convertibles:" Look for baby furniture and other necessities that have multiple uses. For instance, buy a crib that converts to a toddler bed. It won't be long before it's time to move your baby to a big-kid bed.

Buy used: Consider browsing Craigslist, consignment stores and garage sales for baby swings and strollers, babies grow fast and many of these items are hardly used.

Choose your Registry Wisely: Select necessity items, your friends may not think to buy. Web sites like www.babycenter.com can help you choose them.

 Sign up for samples: Warehouse stores as well as brands like P&G, Huggies, Pampers, Enfamil and Similac give generous samples to new parents. Get on their email lists!

Visit:http://www.savvysugar.com/Jean-Chatzky-Discusses-Right-Time-Have-Baby-18592726 for great tips.

Published 12-09-2013


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