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Remodelaciones Simples que Aumentan el Valor de su Casa

Simple Upgrades Can Raise the Value of Your Home

By Shelby Klose

The value of your home can be greatly increased by small remodeling projects. If you can pick the right projects at the right time, you will help sell your home at a higher price in the future.  After the housing crisis, the prices and values of different projects shifted to accommodate new market developments. However Katie Adams, at Investopedia, gives a clear list of projects you can count on.

Siding Replacement

You can replace your current siding with fiber cement to get a return of about 87% on your investment. This siding requires very little maintenance after it is installed and is much less likely to rot or get bug infestations. Another alternative, which is cheaper to install, is foam-banked vinyl. This material has many of the same benefits and gets an 80% return on investment.

  • Cheaper Alternative: An even cheaper siding option is available. Vinyl is another material that can help upgrade your home.  It is often not preferable for long term value but it can get an 81% return on investment. This means that a $10,000 dollar job could add $8,100 of value to your home.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is frequently the most used room in the house. You can get a large return on investment based on this utility. This is often an expensive project but Adams believes you can expect a 71% return. This includes a complete overhaul of your kitchen design.

  • Cheaper Alternative: Since people are always looking for cheaper alternatives, minor kitchen remodeling is another option. In this case you may only change a few parts of your kitchen, such as the cabinets or counter-tops. However, it can get an even higher return than a full kitchen remodeling. This rate is about 79.5%.

Deck Addition

With people spending less money on entertainment in the last few years, it makes sense to add a place for people to socialize at home. One option is a composite deck that is made of a wood alternative. This material is useful because it takes little maintenance and often has a warranty from the installation company. This project can expect a return of about 63%.

  • Cheaper Alternative: Home-owners hoping to add a deck can also consider wood as an alternative material. This material is less durable but much cheaper to install. It can expect a return of 81.8% on the original investment.

Bonus Project: Window Replacement

Like many of the projects, this remodeling job will save you money for many years to come. If you replace your current windows with vinyl or wood, you can get a return on investment of 80% and 77% respectively. Katie Adams says this is due to reduced utility bills when heat and air conditioning cannot escape through the materials of your windows. Future buyers will also appreciate this addition to your home.

Buyers can expect great returns with these proposed projects. In order to finance the remodeling you can use savings or get cheap credit at your local credit union. The credit union can help set up an easy, structured plan for you to finance these improvements without affecting your current lifestyle. Make sure to consider these changes when planning for the future. There is no better time than now to back-up your investments.

Published 4-24-2012.



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