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Como Ahorrar en el Seguro de Auto

How to Save on Auto Insurance

by Allison Kane

The best way to keep car insurance premiums low is to avoid all accidents and tickets. But shopping around can bring you further premium cuts by taking advantage of who you are-being a teacher or a good student, for instance.

Let's take a look at some auto insurance discounts for which you already may qualify.

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If you're a teacher belonging to the National Education Association or a state education association, Horace Mann Insurance, headquartered in Springfield, Ill., offers discounts on auto insurance that can range from 10% to 20% depending on the state where you live.   According to spokesman Paul Wappel, Horace Mann-a company founded specifically to sell to educators-sells insurance in all states except Hawaii and New Jersey and gives teacher discounts everywhere it sells except Washington, D.C.

Young drivers

To help ease the pain of high premiums for drivers younger than age 25, any beginning driver who takes a driver training course qualifies for a discount of up to 15%. Check also to see if the so-called good student discount may apply. If a high-school or college student meets certain standards-usually a B average or better-the discount can range up to 25% for single male drivers and 15% for single females.

Older drivers

Anyone 55 or older who voluntarily takes a defensive driving course qualifies for an auto insurance discount. Mandated by 37 states, these discounts often are about 5%.

Military families

GEICO and other companies give discounts of up to 15% for anyone on active military duty, retired from the military, or who is a member of the National Guard or Reserves. In addition, if you receive orders for deployment to Iraq, Afghanistan, or a number of other countries, GEICO will suspend or reduce your coverage if you put your vehicle in storage while you're away-then resume coverage when you return.

Discounts for everyone

Whatever your age, you usually can cut your auto insurance costs by carrying other insurance policies with the same company. For instance, at State Farm having a homeowners or condo policy with the company cuts your bill by 17%. Add on a personal liability umbrella policy and that goes up to 22%.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to cut your auto insurance rates is to improve your credit rating by doing things such as limiting the number of credit cards you hold and making sure you have no late payments. Insurers use variations on credit scores to set premiums for all kinds of insurance. But a better credit rating also will enable you to get lower interest rates-and therefore lower monthly payments-on mortgages and auto loans.  Visit your local credit union to look at your credit rating.

Take advantage of all available discounts and shop around for your auto insurance, you may have something left over for shopping that is a lot more fun.

Published 9-5-2011


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