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La Importancia de un Título Universitario

The Importance of a College Degree

By Gayatri Jayal

Today the job market is very competitive. A college degree will give you or your children a huge advantage when applying for jobs. Here are some reasons as to why a college education is a great investment for your future or that of your children.

One of the main barriers to a college education is the cost that it is associated with. However, what some don't realize is that in the long run, the average income of a college graduate is much greater than that of a person without a college degree. The US Census Bureau's 2007 median earnings show that for the group of all workers with a maximum age of 25, the median income for college graduates was about $20,000 greater than the median income for those with only a high school degree or no degree at all. As a college education will typically provide students with more skills, they will automatically qualify for higher paying jobs.

Further, graduate school becomes a possibility for many college graduates, and those that choose to attend graduate school at some point in the future will be receive an even greater income once they finish with graduate school.

Even though a college education offers a greater income in the long-run, many people don't have the resources to pay for that education at the moment. However, it is important to understand that many colleges and universities now offer financial aid and other types of scholarships to their students. Some colleges provide this financial assistance in the form of grants, some in the form of awards for academic excellence while at high school or even at college, and others provide their students with loan packages that can be paid off a few years after graduation.

Given that income levels will likely increase with a college degree, these loans can be very helpful.

Some high school students hesitate to think about college if no-one in their families have been to college before them. While this is a legitimate cause for concern, students shouldn't let this get in the way of going to college. The academic and other opportunities that a college education offers are far greater than students might imagine them to be. Further, by researching different schools ahead of time, students can find the many universities and colleges that have special support programs and administrative staff to help them ease into college life once they arrive. In this way, they can pick and choose which colleges they would like to apply to, both on the basis of academics and on the basis of which will be a good fit for them and easy to adjust to.

Also, consider that many colleges and universities are looking to diversify their student bodies to add to the vitality of campus life, the diversity of thought, and to prepare students for the real world.

Finally, if a four-year college just isn't an option for some, there are many community colleges and others which offer technical training or a diploma degree in a period of only two years. These institutions tend to be less expensive in terms of fees and living expenses.

If you or someone in your family is considering going to college, a college education opens up many doors of possibility for the future and it is a great investment to make while you can.

Published 6-21-2012.


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