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Be Careful About Security Breach Emails

When a data breach happens emails are sent to millions of customers potentially affected by the security breaches. Be on the lookout for scammers who mimic them (CNN Money).

While the hacking is under investigation, if you receive email from a retailer regarding a security breach, here's what to do:

Don't automatically open the email: First verify with retailer about the email you received. Caution! Even opening a fraudulent email could allow malware (software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems) to be installed on your computer.

If you've already opened the email: Don't click on any links until you verify it is legit email. If you've already clicked a link to an external bogus  website and entered personal information

  • Contact the retailer sometimes they offer free fraud-monitoring, take advantage of it. Your credit union also might offer a fraud-monitoring service or recommend an affordable and reliable outside service.
  •  Check your debit and credit card transactions every day via your financial institution's online platform.
  • Alert your financial institution, the credit card company, and call the "big three" credit reporting agencies--Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian-- Ask to have a fraud alert placed on your account. It's free and the alert will remain in place for 90 days.
  • Alert the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Report fraud via FTC.gov or by calling 877-438-4338.
  • If you're really worried, request a credit freeze, which prohibits any credit from being extended under your name.

Published 11-18-2013


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