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¿Eres un Empresario?

Are you a businessperson?

by Antonia Wang

Have you mowed the lawn and gotten paid by your neighbor for doing it? Did your parents pay you for removing the snow on the sidewalk? Do your friends or classmates pay you for the jewelry you design? Have you invented something practical that people may buy? If the answer is "yes", then you are a businessperson.

Businesspeople make money by offering a service, creating a product or inventing something useful.

Many businesspeople who had a great idea have seen their businesses grow to become major companies. A woman who wanted the dolls she designed to reflect the historical period created a company that manufactures the famous American Girl Dolls. In fourteen years, the company has sold over five million dolls. The founder of Federal Express came up with a mechanism for sending packages and assuring delivery the day after. Federal Express is the leader in package shipment, and last year had earnings of over $18 billion.

Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company changed the automobile industry by building cars with a new and economic shape. The company has over 400,000 employees.


Where to begin?

Businesspeople should be well-organized, capable of administering their time and money, and dedicated to their ideas. After all, if a businessperson buys the material to manufacture candles but then fails to manufacture them, the money they invested won't pay off.

There are several business opportunities and ways of making money. However, you have to choose what's best for you. Successful businessmen are passionate about their business. Therefore, the first step is to make a list of the things you like to do. Ask yourself the following questions:

*What do I like to create?

*Where do I like to be? -in or out

*Do I have any special talent? -singing, writing, painting, cooking or something else?

*Do I have manual skills? -can I fix things?

*Do I like working with children or pets?

*Am I trustworthy? -do I deliver on my promises?

*What am I really interested in? -butterflies, stars, sports, books, etc.?

Ask yourself these questions on a frequent basis until you can fill a full page with answers.

Then, rank them in order of importance

1. Something I would do almost every day instead of other things

2. Something I would like to do several times

3. Something I would like to do often

When doing this, seek and ask about business opportunities that match what matters most to you. Ask about the book "101 fabulous ideas that make money for children", written by Esther Wad. It can provide several good business ideas.

Being your own boss would be interesting, which means being a negotiator, but this entails responsibility. You also need money to pursue your ideas. Your credit union may serve as the starting point to open a savings account.

Who knows? Your money-making quest may take you into an adventurous journey.

 Published 11-1-2012


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