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Cómo Enseñar a los Niños a Ahorrar

Teaching your Kids to Save

By Miriam De Dios

There are many ways in which we instill good financial habits in our children, especially that of saving. It is important to begin teaching children good financial habits when they are small, because what we learn from our parents when we are young, we do as adults. Just as we learn many habits from our parents, we repeat the cycle with our children.

Saving money has its benefits, but it can be difficult to start, if you are not doing it regularly now. If you save alongside your children, it is a good way to improve your savings habits as a parent at the same time. Your children will also like to see their parents doing what they are doing to feel older.

Alejandro Alaniz, Account Relationship Specialist at Des Moines Metro Credit Union, Des Moines, Iowa, explains what steps parents can take to teach their children the good habit of saving.

  1. Open a kids savings account for your child at your local credit union. These accounts typically are linked with a fun mascot or brand for children. The credit union might also organize fun events for the children who own these accounts. In addition, the money saved in the account is insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
  2. Set a savings goal with your children to help them learn the value of money. For example, if your child has asked you to buy him a video game, tell him or her what the game costs and make that the savings goal. 
  3. Teach your children to save the money they receive on their birthdays, for helping out at home or the money you give them every week and deposit it together in the child's savings account. As your child sees his/her money grow, they will become more motivated to continue saving.

Visit your local credit union today to see what type of savings account options for children they have to offer.

Published 08-02-2012.


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