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El popular servicio en Internet Calculadora de Beneficios para Jubilación disponible en Espa

Use Retirement Estimator for Online Convenience 

by Anna Peña

Social Security's most popular online service-the "Retirement Estimator"-is now available in Spanish, providing the same immediate and accurate retirement benefits estimates to Hispanics that it does for those using the English version (Social Security Dec. 13).

Almost four million people have used the English-language version of the "Retirement Estimator" in 2010, and the Social Security Administration (SSA) expects the Spanish version will help Hispanics plan for their financial security.

A 2009 study by the Hispanic Institute for Americans for Secure Retirement revealed that Hispanics on average are less likely than non-Hispanics to have an employer-sponsored retirement plan, putting them at a disadvantage for accumulating retirement income.

Javier Peña, retirement specialist for The Prinicpal Financial Group, recommends that, if you have an employer that matches your contribution to retirement, you should take advantage of it. "It is like getting free money from the employer that will be there for you when you retire if you meet the requirements."

The estimator has three key attributes:

* Secure: SSA consulted with privacy experts to make sure your personal information cannot be used by identity thieves. In addition, you can choose a "blocking" feature to prevent anyone else from estimating your retirement benefit. If you choose this feature, though, you cannot apply for benefits online.

* Interactive: Once you key in the required information, you can change your "stop work" date or expected future earnings to test and compare different scenarios.

* Accurate: The estimator automatically uses information from your Social Security statement to provide immediate retirement benefit estimates.

Visit segurosocial.gov for the Spanish version, and socialsecurity.gov/estimator for the English version.

Published 1-7-2013



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