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El Mejor Momento para Comprar un Carro Nuevo

The Best Time to Buy a New Car

by Allison Kane

It's a nice day and you've just done your first-of-the-month budgeting and you think you might be able to afford a new car. Some sleek models that interest you have just come out, so you think you'll go car shopping.


If you care about getting the best deal, your timing is wrong.

To put yourself in the best negotiating position, the time of month or year when you shop for a new car does matter. Dealerships and individual salespeople have monthly quotas to meet. So in the last few days of a month, they're especially eager to make deals.

In late summer and early fall, as the next year's models are about to go on sale, buying a leftover vehicle from the current model year can mean huge savings. Shopping for cars, right before Christmas--when auto showroom traffic is light--also can produce a good deal.

Shopping at the right time can boost your chances of getting a really good car deal. But if you aren't prepared with research and a pragmatic target price, you aren't likely to make the most of your good timing.

End of month buying

In the last few days of the month, showroom salespeople are eager to meet their monthly targets, which would boost their pay. So especially if you are shopping for a slow-selling model, you can aim for a deal near invoice price and sometimes even below.

Changing model years

As auto companies get ready for their annual new-model introduction, dealers are eager to get rid of the old models--especially since dealer volume targets set by the manufacturers track the model year. With this strategy, you may be limited in your choice of the exact color and optional equipment you ideally would pick. Offsetting that is the best deal you're likely to find any time.

Usually such model-year shopping works best in July, August, and early September, ahead of the traditional Oct. 1 start of the model year. But in recent years, companies have begun introducing some new models earlier.

Holiday shopping

It can get lonely on the sales floor of a car dealer in late December when almost everyone is at the mall rushing to finish holiday shopping. So if you show up at the dealership with a well-prepared plan, you may get a great deal for Christmas.

Even if you get a great deal, don't forget a cardinal rule of car buying: Plan ahead for your financing. Get financing preapproved from your credit union or financial institution before you ever go car shopping.

Published 8-29-2011


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