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Crédito vs. Débito: ¿Cuál es la Diferencia?

Credit vs. Debit: What's the Difference?


by Anna Haug


A credit card used wisely can help you build a positive credit rating. Know the differences between credit and debit cards, as well as how much you're liable for if you lose them.


Credit card features

•         Buy now, pay later.

•         Widely accepted substitute for cash and checkbook.

•         Interest-free loan if balance is paid during grace period.

•         Positive, timely repayment history is evidence of creditworthiness,
and strengthens your credit rating.

•         Ability to stop payment if merchandise is unsatisfactory or lost.

•         Liability if card is lost or stolen:
--Zero, if you call and cancel card before the thief uses it.
--Maximum of $50 per card, if you call and cancel card after the thief uses it.

Debit card features

•         Buy now, pay now.

•         Money is deducted from your account immediately, unlike most checks.

•         No interest charges.

•         Allows cash withdrawals from an ATM.

•         Only late payments, not timely ones, show up on your credit report.

•         Overdraft protection may be available for a fee.

•         Liability if card is lost or stolen:
--Zero, for most signature-based MasterCard and Visa transactions-as
   long as you haven't been careless and lost your card several times already.
--Maximum of $50 per card, if you report loss/theft within two business days.
--Maximum of $500 if you report loss/theft after two business days.
--Unlimited liability, if you wait until after 60 days of receiving your statement!

IMPORTANT: Keep phone numbers to report loss/theft in a safe place-but not in your wallet!

Credit card types:

•         Visa and MasterCard from various issuers are the two most widely used credit cards in the U.S.

•         American Express and Discover are other well-known types.

•         Affinity cards earn sponsoring organizations' donations based on your charges.

•         Retail cards give you discounts on purchases at a particular store in exchange for higher interest rates.

•         Gasoline credit cards earn users rebates on purchases at a particular gas station in exchange for higher interest rates.

Published 5-2-2011



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