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Consejos sobre cómo pagar menos cuando llena su tanque de gasolina

Follow fill-up tips as gas prices rise

by Anna Haug

You've probably felt the sting of climbing gas prices recently. Fortunately, you can take steps to lessen the financial burden. Use these strategies to save money on gas, even as prices soar.

Use online tools

Websites like GasBuddy.com compile gas prices in your neighborhood. Type in your ZIP Code to find the station with the lowest price near you.

Avoid brand names

Prices often are cheaper at independent stations that are not affiliated with oil companies or gas brands, because they buy gas from more than one company (Bankrate.com, Feb. 25).

Don't fill up near the highway

It's all about location: Gas stations near freeways or highways often demand higher prices for their convenience. To find a lower price, put some miles between you and the highway before you fill up (WalletPop.com, Feb. 25).

Take advantage of reward programs

Some grocery stores partner with chain gas stations to offer fuel discounts to shoppers. And if you belong to membership-based stores, like Costco, you also may be able to find cheaper prices if you fill up at their stations.

Published 4-18-2011


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